Happy cross-over day!

On October 1st 2018, the PREPARE study sites have crossed-over to the opposite arm! Sites in Spain, Greece and Slovenia have been enrolling patients for the pharmacogenomics guided prescribing arm for the past 19 months and will cross-over to enrolling patients for the control arm.

Sites in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Italy and Austria have been enrolling patients for the control arm and will cross-over to the pharmacogenomics guided prescribing arm. Sites will continue enrolling patients within their newly designated arm until enrollment is complete.

Over the past 19 months 3,613 patients have been enrolled! Of these, 1,512 have received standard of care within control arm sites and 2,101 have received PGx guided pharmacotherapy within study arm sites. We thank all study personnel for their continuous efforts.

We look forward to continuing the study and thank all enrolled patients for their participation!