bio.logis receives the E-Health Award Hessen 2021

On September 1, bio.logis digital health GmbH received the “E-Health Award Hessen 2021” for its digital pharmacogenetic application “GIMS.pharma” in the category “Example of care with high patient benefit” at the E-health Congress in Frankfurt am Main. With this award, the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration promotes exemplary digitization projects in the public healthcare.

GIMS.pharma is a genetic information management system for pharmacogenetics. It was developed by bio.logis to enable easy application of genetic expert knowledge for personalized drug therapy. The system is already been used successfully for several years as part of the major EU project “Ubiquitious Pharmacogenomics” at seven European university clinics and has been implemented in other hospitals and laboratories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The effect of drugs varies from person to person, and is, among other things, influenced by genetic predisposition. As a result, medication only works as intended in around 30-60% of patients. The costs for such adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are estimated over 1 billion euros alone for the German healthcare system.

The relationship between DNA variants and drug effects are long been scientifically validated. However, this kind of expert knowledge has not yet been available for direct application to doctors at the “point of care”. One reason for this is that there was previously no suitable tool to provide the most complex information for prescribing.

With “GIMS.pharma”, bio.logis has developed a genetic information management system to prescribe drugs more safely and more effectively, taking into account the DNA variants of patients. GIMS.pharma thus supports the “personalized” prescription of drugs and improves therapy for patients. “Prescriptions that are personalized through genetic information increase the effectiveness of drug therapy for patients and significantly reduce side effects,” says Prof. Dr. Daniela Steinberger, specialist in human genetics and CEO of bio.logis digital health. This significantly reduces the cost of treating adverse drug reactions and prescribing ineffective drugs.

This is exactly, what convinced the jury of the E-health Award about the digital GIMS-solution as an “example of care with high patient benefit”, and therefore honored it.

Further information: Video GIMS.pharma

About bio.logis digital health
bio.logis originated as a spin-off from a genetic-diagnostic laboratory and sees itself as a project in the field of “Digital Health / Genomics”. The aim of bio.logis is the development of applications and functionalities to advance the use of genetic data for better clinical decision-making. Laboratories and hospitals are provided with innovative software solutions that enable the automated interpretation and diagnosis of genetic data as well as the digital access to clinical recommendations. Patients and physicians in health care are thus supported in making decisions with DNA-based information. The declared goal is to create a participatory and open ecosystem in which all those involved in the health care system can benefit and contribute from the standardization of diagnostic quality, the optimization of patient care and the support and further development of scientific research.

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