​Join the Pharmacogenomics Research Network (PGRN) to enhance your research and expertise in the field.

The mission of the PGRN is to catalyze and lead research in precision medicine for the discovery and translation of genomic variation influencing therapeutic and adverse drug effects.
All individuals interested in pharmacogenomics research may apply.

You can find the link for PGRN here

Benefits of membership

  • Access to exclusive resources
  • Opportunities to present research at monthly web conferences, national meetings, in poster sessions, and with a webpage at
  • Networking with experts
  • Chance to assist with planning scientific programs



Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase (PharmGKB)

​The PharmGKB is a pharmacogenomics knowledge resource that encompasses clinical information including dosing guidelines and drug labels, potentially clinically actionable gene-drug associations and genotype-phenotype relationships. Learn more here.




Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC)

CPIC’s goal is to address some of the barriers to implementation of pharmacogenetic tests into clinical practice. Learn more here.



Pharmacogenomics iPSC Library & Service (PiLS)

The PiLS is the first resource of its kind that provides PGRN members the ability to access and contribute towards iPSC library for pharmacogenomics research. Learn more here. ​




Functionalization of Variants
​in Clinically Actionable Pharmacogenes (F-CAP)

Our resource F-CAP will test all possible substitutions at all amino acid residues in some of the most clinically important pharmacogenes and disseminate these data to the medical and research communities. Learn more here.




PGRN-Hub Supported Resources
Access key resources supported by PGRN-Hub that will support the conduct of collaborative projects including PGRN-RIKEN, BioBank Japan and the RPGEH (click the links learn about the application processes).



Tools & Data
​The PGRN-Hub also catalogs a broad set of tools and databases, which can aid in the analysis and interpretation of pharmacogenomics research data. Explore the Tools page here