Pharmacogenomics guidelines (DPWG)

Variations in genes encoding drug metabolizing enzymes, transporters and drug targets have been shown to influence drug efficacy as well as drug safety. In 2005, the Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (KNMP) established the Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group (DPWG) with the objective of developing pharmacogenomic-based therapeutic (dose) recommendations. Up to now, recommendations have been developed for over 80 drugs and are updated every 3 months. In the Netherlands, the DPWG guidelines are available to all physicians and pharmacists and integrated in clinical decision support systems.

The DPWG pharmacogenomic guidelines (English) can be found here.

One of the major goals of U-PGx is to turn the DPWG pharmacogenetic guidelines into European pharmacogenetic guidelines with wide-spread adoptation. European guidelines for pharmacogenomics will enable more healthcare institutions to use pharmacogenomic information in their clinical decisions. Therefore, the U-PGx consortium has updated, translated to English, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian and Slovene, adapted and expanded the guidelines for European use. These European pharmacogenomic guidelines have now been endorsed by six European healthcare organizations and more have shown interest.

The statement of support for the use of the European pharmacogenomic guidelines can be found here.

In case you are interested in endorsing the DPWG guinelines as well, please contact us: u-pgx.guidelines[at]