What is the safety-code card?

The safety-code card is a pocket card that contains a quick overview of your PGx test results. Furthermore, the card contains a QR code that can be scanned by you or your healthcare provider with, e.g., a smartphone to quickly retrieve PGx-based dosing recommendations relevant to you. If you were assigned to the study group, your card is handed out to you by your local study team when your PGx test results are ready. Please take care of this card, and don’t forget to show it to your healthcare provider every time you receive a new prescription. If you were assigned to the standard of care group, you may receive your safety-code card once the study is finished. For more information on the safety-code card, please visit http://www.safety-code.org.

I was assigned to the standard of care group. Will I get access to my PGx results?

If you are in the standard of care group, you will receive your test results only once the study is complete. This means that your doctor will prescribe your medication as he or she usually does (without taking your DNA into account). If you wish, you will also receive a card that contains an overview of your PGx results once the study is finished.

How can I participate in the study?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to include you in the study on request. Only patients who receive a first prescription of one of the drugs relevant to the study during their treatment at one of the participating institutions and who fulfill all other inclusion criteria will be contacted by their local study team.

How will my test results be used in my care?

If you are in the genetic test group, your results will be returned to your doctor or pharmacist within 3 working days. After this time, your doctor or pharmacist may contact you with your personalized prescription – which may be a different dosage or different drug than you may have received when you started you medication. In the time between your blood or saliva collection and the personalized prescription, your doctor will prescribe your medication as he or she usually does (without taking your DNA into account) so that there is no delay in treatment. Additionally, you will also be given a card on which your DNA results will be printed. You will be asked to show this card to all doctors and pharmacists during the study. They may be able to use your results to personalize additional new prescriptions.

How is the test performed?

Once a patient decides to enter the study he or she will be asked for a blood draw or a saliva sample. From this blood or saliva we are able to perform the PGx test.

Why is the pharmacogenomic test performed?

Your PGx results can be used by your physician to make your medical therapy more personalized. Based on your PGx results you may receive a smaller or higher dosage of a certain drug or your physician may prescribe you a different drug substance because you are at higher risk for adverse drug reactions.