Ethical approval at 4 clinical sites

After Granada, Liverpool, Patras and Aviano have also received ethical approval for the PREPARE study protocol. Liverpool only needs to receive approval from the Royal Liverpool R&D department (NHS). In Leiden and Ljubljana approval is awaited. In Vienna, there is a discussion whether or not the study is categorized as drug trial, but they have permission to start with the control arm. We expect to have all approvals in place at the end of January.

PREPARE protocol submitted by all 7 sites

After the submission of the PREPARE study protocol in Spain, Italy and Austria, the other four countries, i.e. Greece, Slovenia, UK and the Netherlands, have now also submitted the protocol to their respective IRBs. Hopefully we will soon receive the first approvals so we can start recruiting patients.

Official premiere U-PGx movie in Athens

The production of the video that visualizes and promotes the idea of personalized medicine and pre-emptive PGx testing is almost finished. This promotional video broadcasts Henk-Jan Guchelaar, Jesse Swen, Vita Dolzan, Matthias Schwab and Julia Stingl (voice-over), and is produced by our colleagues at BfArM. The video will be used for educational purposes of the general public at the U-PGx website and (inter)national workshops, and for communication with various stakeholders. The video will appear for the first time in Athens on September 28.