Application of the DruGeVar Database in Cancer Genomics and Pharmacogenomics

In the post-genomic era, there is an increasing and urgent need for managing and visualizing big data. Data complexity and size will turn information growth into knowledge growth only if presented in a comprehensive and user-friendly way. In such a context, the information technology community collaborates in a multidisciplinary manner with other scientific fields searching for and/or developing tools and services for data management and visualization. We have previously developed DruGeVar, a comprehensive database that triangulates drugs with genes and pharmacogenomic biomarkers to serve clinical pharmacogenomics. To empower its functionality, we explored and implemented new visualization tools, such as POWER-BI (Microsoft), which allows for interactive visualization. Herein, we describe the synergy of POWER-BI and DruGeVar, focusing on cancer genomics data in light of translational pharmacogenomics.

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